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Chose to run away

"You're lying!" You scream! You run out the door. You look back and see she's smirking. "What?" You think to yourself. "Why isn't she chasing me?" Then you remember what she said about growing twice as large. You decide you don't care and you keep running. However since you're naked you have no protection against the elements. Thorns prick you and the dirt sticks in your feet. "Noooo!" You scream as you fall. You start crying. Then you feel a tug. You feel your butt rub against the ground, swelling and pushing leaves away. You rap your arms atound your breasts to keep them from growing. You squeeze. But it's powerful magic and you feel yourself getting heavier. Your arms are pushed away and your breast swell. You feel them rub against each other. You scream. The lady walks up. "I'll give you a choice, you can come with me, or stay and face the consequences." What do you do?

Written by Dragon

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