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That night, the witch (her name is pelp) goes to sleep, but you are awake. you try to escape, but just as you reach the door, an alarm goes off and you feel a tingling sensation in you body. you begin to gro. your arms lengthen, your legges lengthen, and you turn back into a human.

a female human. as it turns out, pelp is a lesbien. and she likes her girls with a huge butt and even bigger breast. the buttt is about the size of two melons put together and are soft, it is like butter, and the breast are as big as very large pumpkins, and just as heavy and just as soft as the butt.

pelp gets up and sais " now that you are not my pet, I have turned you into a dream girl of mine. and every tyme you ty to escape, your butt and breast will get twice as large!!!"

Written by an anonymous author

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