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What are the consequences?

You shake your head. You don't care about consequences you just don't want to be with that lady. "Very we'll." the woman says. She snaps her fingers. You feel your tummy beginning to rumble. Then you feel mass stomach pains. You kick out. Your butt is so big that when you arch it touches your neck. You feel your stomach begin to swell. It brushes across the ground. Your breast flop on top of it. Your belly protrudes like there's a round ball attached to you. The lady kicks you. You roll onto your stomach. It's pressed against the ground as it swells and you get push up atop your belly of abounding fat. Your butt sags against your back and your breast fall loosely. Finally the swelling stops. Your a round ball with huge breast, a huge butt, four limbs, and a head. "Still won't come?" The lady asks. You shake head. She snaps. You groan. Your arms fall against your belly as they swell with extra skin and fat. Your legs are weighed down as fat grows on your thighs and calfskin. Only your face stays that of a beautiful girl. You swell until your spayed in an x with your belly supporting you and you arms and legs pushed against the fat. The lady kicks you and you roll onto your back. You groan. Your butt is pushed against your back and legs from size. Lifting your lower back into the air. You look at your mound of fat known as a belly. It wobbles slightly. The lady laughs she kicks you again and you start to roll back to the cave.

Written by Dragon

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