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As the last waves of nuasua begin to settle, you fell a familiar rumble from your stomach. "Oh, great," you say aloud, "I'm still starving." even with your resent purge, you still look quite pudgy from what you had managed to digest, much of what did come up had been Remy's cutlery. Now however, the furniture, the curtains, not to mention the rest of the everything that had been at risk of disappearing into your maw now looks painfully unappetizing to you. "Must have been the goat bit." you wonder aloud. Sitting down. Almost instantly you find yourself chewing on something. More of those Delicious treats.

"At least it seems I won't need to worry about you devouring the teapot." says Remy, looking a bit more relieved. "Now, let's see what we can do about your clothes." he continues, eyeing you up and down. you look yourself. You can't say you don't took a little worse for wear. You clothing is stretched from your stuffing, dirty from the woods, and torn from your recent transformation. "I believe I have some thing in your size from by 'big bad' period that may do he trick." you rub your protruding gut a bit embarrassed. **** About an hour later you are back in the drawing room, dressed in new cloths. Honestly they are quite comfy, a silk lined vest and a white shirt and deep purple pants.mit feels only a little fancy, but it does fit perfectly, even a hole for your tail. "now about leading us to the path ," you begin, but then eye the new set of goodies that Remy has put out. Honestly you feel hungrier then ever, swiping the treats and 'wolfing' them down. "Oh these Danishes are divine, and the angel food cake is heavenly!" You can't believe it tastes so good, is this the same stuff as before?

"Oh dear," says Remy, "It seems that batch of tea may have made things a little worst." Rodger looks at him cock eyed, "You think?" you scarf down a bit more and wave a hand, "Nonsence, I'm fine, a few treats won't add out that fast, and it's sooooo gooood. Oh, where'd it all go?" All the trays are empty, and you hold out your plate to Remy, "Seconds please?"

Written by Spots

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