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An uneasy feeling enters your stomach, even as a tingling sensation makes your hair stand on end. "I think something is going on." you say, starting to feel your bone and musce shifting under your skin. "That's not all," says Rodger, "You going grey." You look at your fur, which is changing from a tawny brown to a silvery grey. Sudenly you feel a crack in your back as your tail lengthens, fur building up into a bushy tail. Your muzzle lengthens more, your flat teeth reshaping into sharp canines, your hooves splitting and becoming claws set into paws. You feel a crack in your forehead as your horns retreat and sink into your skull. And feel your ears shorten and stiffen into a new form.

"Well, I can honestly say I'm particularly fond of that look." says Remmy examining the final result. You've aready figured it out, you've become a wolf, but this isn't the thing occupying your attention, as you let out a groan of discomfort as you feel your stomach lurching. "Quick... Bathroom!" you cry, feeling the innevitable explosion as your stomach gurgles. Remmy points the direction, and you take off, almost knocking over half the furniture in you attempt too reach it before you throw up.


Some time later you exit, feeling both dizzy and relived, having unloaded a heap of normally inedible substances from your digestive tract.

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