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Tea and Biscuits

Well, this certianly wasn't what I was expecting, you think to yourself as you look around the wolf's home. To look at it you would think you had walked into a miniture mansion. The ting was in a huge tree that reminded you of one of those huge red woods, though the windows and cobble path detracted from what you would have thought as wild. The inside was even more impressive, a comfy couch, polished furtinure, wallpaper and carpets. Where Remmy got this stuff is a mystery but you had to admit he had good tastes.

"More biscuits?" Remmy asks, as you realize the plate was empty. The taste in your mouth tells you where they all went. Didn't you also have a plate? Rodger looks at you with a slight glare of annoyance, having not had even one of them. His head sticks in through the patio doors at the side of the room, being to big to enter any other way. "Not for him." said Rodger, "He is on a diet. A slight belch escapes your throat, as your belly rumbles again. "I see..." said the wolf, eyeing you in a calm manner, "Tea then?"


It is not long before the three of you are having a good time, Remmy turns out to be a great host, with a quiet dignity about him that you can't help but admire, so much that you feel guilty about eating his plate. And the tea cup. And the cutlery. It was after that that Remmy insisted that if you needed snack, he had plenty, and would rather you ate them then devour his family heirlooms. Rodger could no longer object, as he also found Remmy to his liking and did not want to offend his hospitality.

"Well, it's not really my fault," you say, as you are choping down some sponge cake, working your way down a long line of light goodies, trying to chew as slow as possible to keep yourself from steamrolling through it, "That witch cast a spell on me, and now I just can't help myself."

"Witchcraft... hum." Remmy says, rubbing his chin thoughtfully, "I might be able to help with that." he goes through his cubboards, finally comming out with a nuber of old bottle filled with herbs. As he opens one, you smell the distinct odor of dried tea leaves and various spices. He mixes a few in different quanties and sets them to seap. "This is an original brew, it contains a few special herbs that interact with magic, but it comes out a bit different each time, so I can't garentee the effect."

By the time tea is ready, you have cleared the table of it's load. Remmy puts the pot on the vacant table and pours you a cup. Instantly you ands grab it and pour it down your throat. "AAAAHHH, HOT!" you cry as you swallow the steaming liquid. Remmy offers a glass of cold water which you quickly down to extinguish the burn in your thoat. You gasp for air, finally calming down. "Well?" says Rodger, "How do you feel."

You pay attention to yourself before answering. "I feel..."

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