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Not exactly the image you pictures...

Shoked, you stumble back and fall into a pile of leaves(which your hands instinctively grasp at and shove into your mouth as you continue your cry of terror). With the image now at focusing range, you see a rather large grey wolf standing on its hind paws looking curiously at you. Oh, and he is wearing what appears to be a grey suit with a red velvet vest, white gloves and a matching grey top hat, carrying a cane in one hand... and looks remarkably well groomed, making you question your eyesight before remembering just what you look like at the moment.

Roger turns at your scream, and looks ready to chomp on the wolf before you hear it speak, "Oh, sorry about that, didn't mean to frighten you my good...urm... goat and dragon is it?" The sound of his voice is more like that of an english gentleman then a wild animal, though the very prospect leaves both you and Roger momentarily speechless.

The wolf loses not time in taking advantage of this, "I just happened to be on one of my morning patrols when low and behold, I stumbled upon you two, and I had to ask myself, what would a pair of so unlikely travelers be doing in my cozy little part of the forest, and I told my self, 'why not ask them?' so in quick as a whip, here I am, though perhaps it was a bit rude of me to not introduce myself first," he says, and gives a deep bow, sweaping his haat of his head in a regal fashion, "My name is Baron Cornelius von Remmington the Third," he rises, placing his hat firmly back on his head, "My friends call me Remmy." he says.

As soon as you recover you wits, you quickly blurt out, "I'm Indy, and this is Roger,and we're a bit lost." Trying to figure out weither this was another set up or the real deal, as most of the charaters around these parts seemed questionable in their intent.

"Sorry to hear that," said the wolf, his yellow golden eyes glinting in the low light, "May I be of assistance? I may perhaps show you back to the path? Though it looks like you may be a little more then lost," he says, observing you as you continue stuffing your face with the leaves around you. "If you are so inclined, we could discuss this over tea at my place of residence, that is if you and your friend feel comfortable enough with my company."

You look at Roger, who looks just as confused as you, before replying...

Written by Spots

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