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While you get a plate, Rodger gets a plan.

"Don't make me sit on you again!" Threatens Rodger, as you chow down on a full roast ham. "It's soooo succulent!" you moan, Remy had tried to sate you with more snacks, you you had quickly gone through his entire stock, hoping to keep you occupied, he had then sacrificed the dish he had been saving for tonight's dinner. Unfortunately it was going fast. But is was delicious. "He's even worse then before, I think he's enjoying it!" Rodger says, "Get him out here so I can stop him!"

"NO, MY HAM!" you yell. Snapping up the last of it as Remy manages to pull you within reach of Rodger, who promptly pulls you out the door the plops down on you. "Come on, I'm not that bad" you protest, "It was just a snack or two." Really what was the problem? "A full Ham does not qualify as a Snack!" retorts Rodger, now sit there and be quiet, we need to think."

"Any Ideas?" he asks Remy. "Well, we could brew up another batch of tea," he offers, "We may get a better result." You squirm, feeling humiliated that the dragon is sitting on you just for enjoying great culinary dishes. "Anything else?" he asks, "Isn't there a cure all, de-cursing spring or something we can dip him into?" Remy looks at him, "Not to my knowledge I'm afraid. The gingerbread witch was the main dealer of magic in these parts, and with her gone we're a bit in the dark."

Roger sighs, "Well, we could return to the house and see if she had any books with a cure. Is there anything we would be worried about now that she's gone?"

"Well, she did keep that hedgehog at bay." say's Remy thoughtfully. "But as long as you don't think about silly idioms about hedgehogs, it tends not yo show up. Other that, avoid the troll bridge and you should be good." Rodger nods, "That sounds good then, we'll wait till morning then head back, what you think about it... Hey, where'd he go?" Rodger looks at the now empty area were you had once been pinned.

A clang in the pantry draws there attention, and they rush in to find you gulping down the last tub of butter. "Smooth, delicious!" you moan, finally putting it down. Remy looks shocked, the well stock pantry now bare, with a wolf almost twice the size he was a few minutes ago sprawled out on the floor. Remy's eye twitches slightly, the only crack in his refined gentlemanly ways. "I hope for my sake that dragons do indeed process a hoard." he says.

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