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Diggs X Catherine-Love has no Boundaries Part 7

Not too long after Diggs returned to see Catherine again. “Hey Catherine, may I come in,” Diggs asked? “Of course, come inside,” Catherine said. “So how’d it go with the vet,” Diggs asked? “You knew,” Catherine inquired? “Your owner didn’t want you to find out, I didn’t want to spoil it,” Diggs explained. “Oh you,” Catherine said giving him a shoulder punch. “So how’d it go then,” Diggs asked? “Fine, I’m 100% healthy,” Catherine replied. “Good, wouldn’t want you to be hurt or anything,” Diggs said. “Oh how thoughtful,” Catherine said. “I’m guessing you don’t like vets,” Diggs said. “Not my favourite thing in life, but I handle it the best I can,” Catherine said. “I see,” Diggs said. “Nothing wrong with you is there,” Catherine asked? “Not since you pulled that splinter out of my paw,” Diggs replied. “Oh yeah, you screamed like a girl,” Catherine said. “Did not,” Diggs said. “Did too,” Catherine said. “Well it hurt,” Diggs explained. “What about when we were swinging through the air and you said ‘I hate plan B’,”Catherine inquired? “It was a very intense moment,” Diggs explained. “Or are you just a fraidy cat,”Cathgerine suggested? “Hey,” Diggs said. “Oh you know I’m just messing with ya,” Catherine chuckled. “Ha Ha very funny,” Diggs said sarcastically. “Hey you think I could have a ride on you back,” Catherine asked? “Why, don’t you think that’s a bit kittenish,” Diggs inquired? “No I think its fun, my steed,” Catherine said. “Well then my queen, mount me and we’ll have a fun adventure,” Diggs said. So Diggs lay down and Catherine got on his back and held on to his shoulders. Diggs then started to trot like a horse around the room. “Oh come on big guy you can do better than that,” Catherine said. “Ok then, hold on tight,” Diggs told Catherine. Diggs quickly got into a gallop and ran into the backyard so he wouldn’t break anything. He ran so fast Catherine nearly lost her grip, but she was having a wild time. “Whoa boy, I think that’s enough,” Catherine said. “Very well your majesty, hope you enjoyed ‘Daring Diggs Horse Rides’” Diggs said. “Well how about this for a reward,” Catherine said. Catherine then began to give Diggs a really good back scratch and Diggs went, “Oh yeah!” Diggs just laid there and let Catherine work her wonder on him. “Oh Catherine you are an angel,” Diggs said as he growled happily. “I know, just don’t fart this time,” Catherine replied. “Don’t worry I’m in contro- OH yeah that’s the spot,” Diggs said, his tail wagging happily. He could hardly hold himself together; she just knew where to find his soft spots.

Written by Cody Jaigobin

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