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Diggs X Catherine-Love has no Boundaries Part 8

Diggs was having such a fun day and it was hardly 1pm in the afternoon, the day was young. Still, he knew he had to gain up enough courage to tell Catherine how he felt about her. “Wow that felt good, you’re amazing,” Diggs said getting up. “Not so bad yourself, you make me feel like I can be myself more,” Catherine said. “Really, well I’m glad you feel that way,” Diggs said. “You know ever had this kind of fun as a kitten,” Catherine told him. “Really, why,” Diggs wondered? “Remember when Tinkles said about me being angry at my dad,” Catherine asked? “Yeah,” Diggs replied. Catherine explained, “Well that’s just it, he was the one who caused my lack of fun. You see long ago there was this rogue dog named ‘Jaws n Claws’ who terrorized cats. One day we were all together in the park and he attacked us from out of nowhere. My mom died and my dad was greatly hurt, I only managed to escape injury. Well after that my dad forced me to join MEOWS training school so I could become an agent. That way I could help make sure no dog could ever do that to cats like us again. Dad drove me too far; I could only do my work and no playing whatsoever. I hated him for what he had become and I blamed dogs for the whole thing. When he passed away I had become a dedicated agent, driven by his words. I told myself I would make dogs pay for it and would always hate them no matter what. But thanks to you I’ve changed my view of dogs and can be myself again.” Catherine just began to cry and Diggs took her into his arms and gave her a big hug. He felt a mix of joy that he was hugging her and sorrow for what she had gone through. “Thanks Diggs you’re really good to me,” Catherine said. “I’m glad I can help,” Diggs said. They both smiled at each other with a happy look in their eyes. “I see you received a gift,” Diggs said noticing the gifts he left Catherine. “Yeah, looks like I have a secret admirer,” Catherine said. “Any idea who it is,” Diggs asked? “Not yet, but I’m on it,” Catherine replied.

Written by Cody Jaigobin

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