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Diggs X Catherine-Love has no Boundaries Part 6

It wasn’t like a regular dog chase cat scene, they were both laughing the whole time. He chased her into the yard where they just rolled over in the grass laughing happily. “I’m having so much fun,” Diggs said with a sigh. “I’m having fun too, we should do this more often,” Catherine said. “Uh Oh, Catherine I think your humans are back,” Diggs said. They both turned and saw Catherine’s owner and her parents looking at them. They had always known Catherine to hate dogs and here she is lying next to one. “I guess Catherine decided to give dogs a chance,” Catherine’s owner Amy said. Amy approached them and Naturally Diggs walked towards her and gave her a nice licking. “Good boy, I see you’ve made a friend Catherine,” Amy said. She looked at his collar to find out his name and who he belongs to. “Well Diggs if you don’t mind I need to take Catherine to the vet for a check up,” Amy whispered into his ear. Diggs winked and went back to Catherine to say goodbye. “Catherine your family need you so I guess I’ll just go,” Diggs said. “Ok Diggs I’ll see you later,” Catherine said. So Diggs ran off while Catherine went off to the vet, not to her liking. Diggs knew he had to do something to win her affection, something sweet. So Diggs decided to go to the store and get something for her. He got a rose and some cat treats which he was sure would impress her. Before her and her humans returned Diggs snuck into the house and left them by her bed. He ran off for home again with his heart beating fast and a smile on his face. When Catherine returned and found the items she wondered who left them there. “I guess I have a mystery on my hands,” Catherine said to herself.

Written by Cody Jaigobin

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