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Diggs X Catherine-Love has no Boundaries Part 5

“Tell me more about Ivy, who is apparently Butch’s wife,” Catherine said.Diggs told her, “What I know is that she’s an agent like Butch, they were a couple. Because she focused on her mission and not her human family she ended up on the street. So she left town and broke up with Butch, I think that’s when his grumpy factor went up. Well she returned when Lou first joined the agency and helped take down Tinkles. Butch was still mad at her at first, but eventually he fell for her again and they got back together. So that’s what I know about her, from what Butch has told me that is.”“You ever met her,” Catherine asked? “No, I haven’t been around long enough for Butch to introduce me to her,” Diggs replied.“She must be something if Butch fell in love with her,” Catherine said.“He told me she’s gorgeous and gives a mean belly scratch; paws of passion,” Diggs said. “She’s just a dog, paws for digging; now a cat’s paws are made for giving the ultimate scratching experience,” Catherine told Diggs.“Oh really, well prove it,” Diggs said giving a look at Catherine which made her smirk.“Ok then, lie on your back,” Catherine told him, Diggs did as she said. Catherine then got in position, raised her paws, wiggled her fingers, and began to scratch. The next few moments were full of the happy growls of Diggs as Catherine belly scratched him. She got deep into his fur and the feeling was so heavenly that Diggs couldn’t stop smiling.“You’re a belly scratching angel, with true paws of passion,” Diggs said “Why thank you, I told ya so,” Catherine said.“It feels so good, I’m so relaxed,” Diggs said when he suddenly let out a big fart.“Oh Diggs,” Catherine complained as she backed away.“Well I did eat your cooking,” Diggs said with a giggle.“Oh that’s it,” Catherine said as she reapproached Diggs with a smirk. Before Diggs knew it Catherine went from belly scratching him to tickling his tummy.“HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA, Oh Please Stop it,” Diggs said laughing hysterically.“Take it back Diggs,” Catherine said tickling him even harder.“HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA, Ok I’m sorry just stop,” Diggs cried out.“Very well,” Catherine said as she stopped tickling him.“Well I guess I know where your nieces get that from,” Diggs said catching his breath. “And now I see why they keep doing it, it’s fun,” Catherine said.“Great, I’m everybody’s tickle target,” Diggs said, Catherine laughed.“Don’t worry, I won’t do it a lot…sometimes,” Catherine said.“Oh that’s it, you’re mine,” Diggs said as he began to chase her.

Written by Cody Jaigobin

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