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Diggs x Catherine-Love has no Boundaries Part 4

Diggs began to fall asleep and dream of Catherine; he couldn’t get her out of her mind. But when the dream ended Diggs began to have trouble sleeping knowing he was sleeping next to the love of his life. All he could think about was Catherine since he realized he is nuts for her. Eventually Diggs managed to fall asleep and slept soundly til morning. As dawn broke Diggs began to giggle, something was tickling his foot. He opened his eyes and sure enough he saw Catherine’s nieces taking turns licking Diggs’ toes. “HaHaHa, enough already; what’s with you and tickling me,” Diggs asked moving away. “Its fun and we like to see you laugh,” Catherine’s nieces answered. “Well I’m flattered, but could you do it less often,” Diggs suggested. “Ok Uncle Diggs,” Catherine’s nieces said as they ran off to play. “If luck holds out I WILL be Uncle Diggs” Diggs said with a sigh. Diggs suddenly realized that Catherine wasn’t there and began to look for her. He went upstairs and found Catherine coming out of the bathroom. She had a flower in her hair and sprayed herself with a sweet smelling perfume. Diggs mouth just dropped open as he watched her slowly shake the excess perfume off her. “Wow Catherine, you look lovely this morning,” Diggs said. Thanks, I like to refresh myself every morning,” Catherine said. “Well, if you're happy, then I'm happy” Diggs said. “Oh Diggs, you're so sweet?” Catherine said, Diggs just smiled and blushed. So they went down for breakfast and Diggs couldn’t wait to see what Catherine would cook next. For breakfast she made fresh fruit and sizzling hot bacon plus milk for her nieces. “Keep cooking like this and I may never leave,” Diggs said. “Oh Diggs you’re such a hoot,” Catherine said. Diggs then began to make hooting sounds and everyone just laughed. “Keep that up and I’ll recommend you for Clown College,” Catherine said. Diggs then squeezed his nose and went ‘Honk Honk’ which made everyone laugh more. After breakfast the kittens went to their rooms to play while Diggs and Catherine went into the living room.

Written by Cody Jaigobin

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