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A beauty and her beast

Taken in by the new view on the world, you are surprised when you suddenly detect a presence behind you, as a voice symultaniously breaks the chorus of the forest about you. "And what have we here?" it rings, you hearing making it unrecognizable at first, before you are able to match it to a face, turning to see the raven haired queen of the night. Your new eyes make her even more astonishing then you had thought possible, revealing a new layer of perfection in her features. Your words catch in your throat, taken aback by two things, awe, and fear, as you realize you have been caught. Morgana strides forward, each step captured in impossible ways by yoursight. She circles you, he dress trailing like a sheet of midnight, examining you with an almost curious expression. "What is your name." It was a command, not a question. Even with your mind free, the very sound of her voice was compelling, a hidden authority and power that radiated throughout the room. You almost blurt out your own name but think better of it intoime to come up with a psudoname. However, to your surprise, what exits your mouth is nothing more then a gutteral noise, an animalistic growls and snarls. You try again, only to be greated with the same indecipherable sounds of a beast. "Enough." says Morgana, apparently annoyed by this turn of evens. You fall silent as you mentally examine your mouth, the shape and movements of it unfamiliar in this form. Your vocal cords too feel tremendously powerful, but once again, the inexperiance of this body keeps you from utilizing it the way you wish. "At least your strong, a fitting soldier, with training perhaps..." She seems to muse this over, "Begone from my room, 'Beast', and take your place in the court." she commands, dismissing you without a second thought.

A part of you thinks that you could probably snap her like a twig, but the sane part of you says, "She an immortal god-like being with a thousand years of arcane magic at her disposal. Yeah, right." Quickly, you turnand try to walk out of the room. Unfortunatly your body hasn't seemed to have decided weither it prefers to walk on two legs or four, leaving you to stumble as you try to balance against your new center of gravity...

Written by Dream Weaver

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