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Beastly Baby Steps

You make it into the hall, grunting as you try to get a feel for the movements this body makes. You brain is one designed for a normal body with the center of gravity at a lower level then this muscle bound one, making walking on two legs a challange, and the additional option of walking on all fours, while apparently appealing to your body, conflicts with the two legged mentality conditioned into your mind, so that you trip when trying to implement four paw sycronization. You had to get this down though, you were already in deep and would need to learn fast if you wanted to survive, much less find a way to change yourself back. You sidle up to one of the walls, pushing yourself onto your hind legs and balancing for a moment, keeping your hand on the wall as you concentrate. Breathing out, you carefully take a step as you focus on feeling the new balance of your body, occationally leaning on the wall for support. All this really was is getting back on a bicycle, you KNOW how to walk, all it is is reajusting, and the responsiveness of this body, once coersed, quickly starts adapting.

In about 20 mins, you are walking quite capably on two legs, and and after another 10, you figure out walking on all fours. Just as well, as the sound that comes to your ears indicates that you will be having company soon. You glance about, but despite your reassuted mobility, there is really no place for you to hide as figures come up the passage...

Written by Dream Weaver

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