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Gaining a few weight classes...

AS you open your eyes, you feel the tingle of tightly corded muscle as you shift your weight slightly, your body responding like a tightly wound spring. Despite the discomfort of the transformation, you now feel extremly good, energized, strong. Still you have a feeling there is much more to this as you raise your hands within your range of sight for the first time. Your hands are huge, as you see the room, you realize the relative difference, but that is only the beginning. Brown fur covers your hands, the thick and muscle laiden finger tipped with huge and deadly sharp claws, your palm padded almost like a paw. You follow the length of your arm, finding almost gorilla like appendages covered in fur. You wonder what you have become, your mind racing to the possibilities: werewolf, minotaur, bugbear... You look down the length of your chest, inwardly impressed at the sheer mass of muscle that greets your eyes, similarly covered in fur. You catch sight of your legs and feet, noting the paw like quality and sharp claws adorning your toes. A strange feeling comes to your attention, the sensation almmsot like a phantom limb, but much more real emenating from your backside. You realize immediatly, you have a tail. You glance back, noting the long and bushy appendage which you would attribute to a wolf or a fox, the fur ragged and wild. You feel at your face, unable to decern the shape of it, as your sense of touce seems unfamiliar to you. Thinking of your options, you look down into the highly polished floor, the slight making it more like a mirror if looked into at the right angle. A mane of hair adorns your head, your features confusing to you, like a cross between feline and canine. Something about it definatly screams lion, but it still seems off. Then there are the horns. You feel at the protrusions from your skull, feeling the sensation vibrate through you head in unfamiliar ways. Whatever you are now, you do not recognize the species, not from any myths you can remember at least.

You check for your equiptment. Your clothing has been shredded, your size possibly in the 10 foot range, and sporting more muscle then Mr. Unverse could ever dream of coming close to, there was no chance of them surviving. Your tape recorder and the camera lay to one side. You lean over and grasp the tape recorder.


You stare wide eyed at the scraps of metal and plastic in your hand. You had barely applied any pressure, at least you think you hadn't. You are afraid of picking up the camera, least you accidently destroy the only record left of this experiance. But you can't leave it here, someone is bound to come along sooner of later. Carefully, you hook your finger around the strap, lifting it carefully up until you can place it around your neck. It is almost immediatly lost in the mane of fur, which you hope will keep it safe for now until you get better control of yourself. Your still in a bit of shock from the difference, as you notice other changes to your body, your senses seemed sharper, you note qualities in air, scents you hadn't noticed before, and notice liitle noises coming from all around where insect and small creatures scrabble in the moonlite forest. Even your eyesight seems more accute, as you notice seemingly unfamiliar colors and details that human eyes could not detect. Though disoriented and a bit frightened, you cannot help but feel slightly intoxicated.

Written by Dream Weaver

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