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A spark of hope? Doubt it.

As you run through the darkened hallway, numerous rooms open to the left and right. Glancing in them, you usually see creatures in them, mostly more members of the unseelie court in more 'private' activities involving beds, some of which will give you nightmares for the next ten years. You press on diligently, occasionally stopping to snap pictures, and once to reload your camera. You would use your tape player to describe how this place feels, but fear that talking in this place would definitely attract the more keen-eared of the creatures. The more time you spend looking, the more you notice the uniqueness of the designs in the hallways. The stonework does not look manmade; it seems unchiseled, as if the stone was poured rather then chipped away. As you examine the stones more closely, you find that it is made of obsidian, and in some parts, ivory. "She may be the Queen of Darkness," you think, "but she has very good taste in decorating". This is true; the hallways, though dark by nature, seem to radiate an energy of their own, making you feel almost comfortable.

Suddenly, as you pass yet another doorway, something catches your eye. Doubling back, you look through into a room of astounding beauty. This room, unlike the others, which were all made of stone, consists of a more organic decor. There seem to be no walls containing this room, as if it were somehow a balcony, and beyond it a great forest of trees. Pale moonlight shines down through thin mists, giving it an ethereal feel. A bed lies in the center of the balcony, made of ebony with veils that look suspiciously like spider silk. It is all enchanting, but the thing that really catches your eye is positioned on a table in the center of the balcony. A structure sits on the top, made of glass and gold. It looks like a cabin's latern, like one used on a ship, but inside, the flame is anything but ordinary. While it flickers and weaves like a flame, it gives off an orange glow that seems much more radiant then firelight that small should be. It almost looks like a trapped animal, trying to break free of its bonds. As you watch, it momentarily assumes a dragon-like shape, then reverts into its original burning state. The dragon's spark, unguarded! Luck may be with you yet. You look around quickly in the hallway to make sure no one is coming, then take a step into the room...

Big mistake. The world suddenly feels as if it is coming down on you. You fall to your knees and clutch your side as pain racks your body intensely. Your mind feels as if someone was clawing at it like a wolf at a door. You see images... a beautiful woman looking at you, hair billowing out as if she were facing a breeze: Morgana. Your skin feels as if creatures were crawling just beneath the flesh, clawing and biting. You are changing, but into what you cannot tell. The images in your head blind you, as you see once again the image of Morgana laughing cruelly at you.

After an eternity of pain, the images fade. You are bowed down on the ground, eyes closed, breathing hard. You can feel sweat forming. You now know what has happened; you set foot across one of the magical defenses that Morgana had set up. Your mind is free, thanks to Kalibyrn's herbs, but your body...

You open your eyes to look upon the enchantments that have been set upon you...

Written by Dream Weaver (edited by wanderer)

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