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As you enter the hallway, you feel eyes upon you. With a quick glance around, you think you see a figure in black disappearing around a bend in the hall. Quickly you race around the corner to try and see who it was.

An empty hallway greets you. You feel even more uncomfortable. Everything that has been going on seems to confuse you... you're beginning to wonder if the herbs you took were expired.

You need to think. You turn into a side room. It looks like some sort of storage area. Many crates are lined up and stacked along the walls. You look around for anyone. Good, you're alone. You sit down on one of the boxes, taking a deep breath and trying to clear your thoughts. You look at your sword, admiring how light it feels, and how it seems to move in sync with your whims. You remember what the raven had said, that this was the sword of the lord of the Seelie court. You wonder what the bird had to do to get him to give it up.

You glance at the blade once more, seeing your reflection in the blade.

Suddenly you drop the sword as you gasp. The reflection you saw in the blade was not yours! You had only seen it for a moment, but you saw pale skin rather than green. You cautiously pick up the sword again and look at the blade.

The troll stares back at you. What is wrong with you? Are you going crazy?

You turn your attention to the boxes. Opening one, you find a more mind-easing sight. The boxes are full of clothes, magazines, books, and mundane items that obviously belonged to Morgana's other victims. You pick out a few magazines and find a comfortable spot. The reading helps you take your mind off of the crazy upside-down world you apparently now inhabit. As you relax, the full weight of everything that's happened pulls you into mental exhaustion...

Written by an anonymous author (edited by wanderer)

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