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Night has fallen

Suddenly you wake up. For some reason, it feels unnervingly quiet. You sheathe your sword and quickly exit the room, mentally noting its location. If you ever get out of here, you want to be able to retrieve your possessions.

Walking down the hallway, you look into the rooms, and note with pleasure that the inhabitants of the castle are now asleep. Now may be your chance to get the spark. As quietly as possible, you rush down the hallways, trying to find Morgana's room.

After a few hallways, the places start looking familiar, and you come across the entrance that you had passed through when you were little. The revelers are scattered across the places, all sleeping off a day of drinking and fighting. With the knowledge of your location, you retrace your steps, until you finally come to Morgana's bed chamber.

Slowly, you push open the doors, which glide silently on their hinges. You are tempted to talk, just to make sure that you can, as the silence seems absolute. You see the spark, still in it's lantern. The room itself seems darker, and looking up, you see that a moon has risen over the mystical canopy of trees. It changes the appearance of the room, obviously designed for Morgana's comfort. You wonder if the enchantments designed to transform intruders would work on you now. You carefully step into the room...

Written by Dream Weaver (edited by wanderer)

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