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The balance of power.

The tip of the sword sinks into the ogre. Suddenly, something happens. As the ogre screams in agony, the sword glows, and you see a light seem to pulse within the Ogre. It flows into the sword, down the blade and into you. As you lie there, you feel as if energy courses through your body. The pains of your scars vanish as if they never were. The ogre however, seems to look pale. Finally, the Ogre drops his axe, as if too weak to carry its weight. You pull your sword out, and he drops to all fours, panting, but very much alive. You slowly rise to your feet and look yourself over; you don't look any different, and yet you feel immensely different, powerful, and strong. Then you notice it... the complete silence.

The entire assembly is staring, open-mouthed. You see someone drop a bag of golden coins. Obviously, most were betting on you to be sliced up. You pick up the sheath, and attach it to your band of leather, then walk over to the ogre. He looks up at you, then down, panting as if exhausted. You look at the sword, and begin to understand; the sword transferred his stregth into you. As you contemplate this, the crowd suddenly begins to come alive. One of them starts to shout "Kill, Kill" and soon the rest of the room joins him in a furious demand for blood. You look at the sword, then at the ogre. Right now you would like nothing better then to kill this weakling, but then you realize, this is your troll blood speaking, not your human side. And humans shouldn't kill for fun. "NO!" you yell, and sheathe your sword. The crowd begins booing you. The ogre looks up in astonishment, then takes the chance to crawl off into the crowd. Suddenly a tough-looking troll climbs into the ring, "Too soft to draw blood?" he mocks and draws a large dagger, "Beginners luck with Orgo, but you won't get lucky with me."

He lunges at you, but you easily sidestep, drawing your sword. As he tries for you again, you raise your sword to block his dagger almost without thought. Blow for blow is accounted for, and you easily defend yourself. It seems you are not only stronger than this Troll, but faster and more skilled. As the Troll begins to weaken from wasting his energy, you knock the blade aside with ease and bring the blade to his neck. The Troll freezes. The crowd is once again yelling for blood. No, you won't kill. "Enough." The troll look downward, defeated. "Finish me." he says. "No," you say, "I won't take a life." "Why do you mock me," he says, "The victory is yours, finish me!" he yells. You turn from him and begin walking away toward the crowd. "Where are you going!" he yells, "You will not dishonor me like this!!" You hear him charging, and at the last moment, dodge to the side and swipe at his cheek, cutting it lightly. You suddenly feel a little more strength flow into you. The troll falls onto the floor. You see a few drops of blood mingling with what looks like water. Then you realize, he's crying. "Why?" you hear him say. "Because all life is sacred, even that of the enemy", you say before walking out of the ring and through the mystified crowd. 'Where did that come from?' you think before re-entering the hallway.

Written by an anonymous author (edited by wanderer)

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