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The art of battle.

You roll furiously to one side, just in time for the murdering blow to miss you, burying itself halfway into the ground. You gasp for breath as the Ogre lifts it with ease out of the crater. Wincing against pain, you rise and punch the Ogre in the stomach before it can lift for another blow. Your knuckles crack and you pull back as if you had punched a brick wall. The crowd around you laughs; as the Ogre raises the axe for a second time, you barely have time to move when the axe once again swipes at you. You can feel your blood starting to boil again, and you want this thing dead. No... you can't revert to that, you are more than an animal, and losing your temper will only get you killed faster.

You search your surroundings - you need a weapon - then see that, there at the ready, the ring is surrounded by weapons; obviously, this is an anything goes fight. You quickly snatch up a spear, figuring a long reach weapon will keep you far enough away to be safe. As the Ogre swings and misses, you stab at it. To your dismay, the tip bounces off its skin. What is this thing made of? Before you can stab again, the Ogre grabs the end of the spear and wrenches it free of your grasp. He snaps it in his hand and tosses it aside. You then grab a cross-bow and fire its only bolt at the ogre; if strength alone won't pierce its skin, then the velocity of the arrow will. Unfortunately, the Ogre sees it coming, and raises his massive axe as a shield. The arrow bounces off harmlessly.

'This is crazy,' you think, 'how can anything be this strong?' You wish now you had your powder, or your sword. But wait, what's that? Outside the ring, you see the jewel-encrustd sheath. How could these creatures have put it there? It must be worth a fortune and no one kept it? No matter, never look a gift horse in the mouth. Dodging another crippling blow, you dive at the sword, pulling the blade from its holder. You turn on your back to see the Ogre lining you up for another blow. You stab with all your might and...

Written by an anonymous author (edited by wanderer)

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