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Un-seelie entertainment

As you leave the dungeon, as if by magic, you find yourself back in the obsidian hallway. You almost feel the need to say, "Curiouser and curiouser," but you decide not to; not while you're in this much pain. Right now, you need a warm bath to take the pain away. You hear yelling coming from one direction, and follow it to yet anothr room.

"Take 'is 'ead off" you hear one scream. "Break his neck", yells another. You see what the creatures are yelling at. A troll and an ogre are fighting in a ring of stone, positioned in the center of the room. The ogre wields a massive axe attached to a chain, while the troll, who seems to be doing poorly, wields a sword. The two of them clash as the horde of creatures urges them to kill. As the two weapons come together, you see sparks fly from the blades. Finally, as the ogre brings the axe down in a merciless blow, the sword is shattered, and you turn your eyes as the troll's scream fills the room, the sound of cracking bones echoing over the cheering crowd. You turn to look, and see the corpse of the troll as it is dragged out of the ring.

This is wrong, you think. Are these creatures no more than beasts driven by bloodlust?

Suddenly, you wince in pain as a large hand clamps down on your shoulder over one of the scars. "Ey, it's the new guy" you hear a familiar voice say. You look into the face of the tattoo artist. He looks you over, admiring his work. "Turn out nice, didn't ya... come to face the champ, huh?" You shake your head. Suddenly, he grabs you by the arm, "Well too bad", and tosses you as easily as a pebble into the ring, laughing maniacally. You land hard on your back, and pain shoots through your scars. You open your eyes, and see the Ogre raising his massive axe at you...

Written by an anonymous author (edited by wanderer)

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