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failure is good

As you head into the dungeon you quickly get yourself lost trying to find the gem. After exploring for about six hours you try to find your way back. Remembering how you found the entrance using the collar you think of your room. Immediately you feel yourself being pulled through the hallways and ten minutes later you find yourself back to where you started.

"Did you find it?" the witch says as you walk back up.

You sadly shake your scaily head. "I looked but I couldn't find it."

The witch is dissapointed and quickly sends you back to your terrarium-like room. As soon as you walk in you see that your bed it replace a deep lake that takes up a quarter of the room in your room. You wince as a searing pain cut across you legs and you collapse to the ground and pass out.

You come to a little while later and the first thing you notice is that your legs have become a complete tail just like a fish's. You wonder how you are going to get to the lake and then the answer just comes to you. Using your arms you manage to pull yourself to the lake.

Unnoticed by you the witch is watching you and a smile comes across your face as she sees how you get into the lake.

As you go into the lake your body relaxes and you see how you can swin in the water. Amazed you can dive down to the bottom of the 17 foot pool. A pain from your neck inturrupts your thoughts as you grow gills. You swim to the bottom and you notice a cave. Swimming into the cave reveals a bed of gold on the rock that comes out of the water. Gleefully you climb on the bed and fall asleep.

Written by Tamisin

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