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You wake up at the crack of dawn to see that you have grown hind legs that look just like your human legs but covered in scales. You feel a tingiling sensation as your hands and feet change. Your feet assume a regular bent backwars and then forwards shape and you lose two toes and grow 6 inch long talons. Your arms grow in length as your hands grow 7 inch talons and your palms shrink. All of a sudden your feet do that also. Wondering what is happening you see that a thin layer of webbing is slowly growing to the second knuckle of each talon.

As you swim back up and go to the door you tell the witch the you are going to try to find the gem today. You are shocked to realize that although most of your words are human you are starting to hiss and roar too. You enter the entrance to the tunnel and five hours later find the gem! But it is guarded by a huge dragon and minotaur. You try to fight them but they overwelm you. You manage to drag yourself back up the stairs and brace yourself to tell the witch that you failed again.

"Did you find it?" asks the witch.

"Well I found it but I wasss overwelmed by a dragon and a minotaur. I am sssorry."

"Very well it seems that you have disobeyed me again. Go back to your room and await to try tommorow."

"Ok by firsssst can I eat pleasssse?"

"Your food will be sent to your room."

"Thank you sssso much."

As soon as you get back to your room you notice that a plate of raw meat is waiting for you. You instantly gobble it up in a way that only a dragon could.

In the shadows the witch is watching you intently seeing what you can do.

You look at your body and see that it is one streamlined shape. All of a sudden you feel an intense pain on your face.

Written by Tamisin

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