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Bad Choice

You knock to witch down and then run to your roomand lock the door. You look at your self again and see that your skin is coming off all the way up to your chest. You feel an intense pain again and see that blue scales are growing out of your skin up to where the flacking stops. You think that no one will notice that if you wear shoes and pants all the time. But then your skin starts to flake off everywhere you still have it and you scream out in pain as scales grow on your face and everywhere else. Hoping that it is over you see that your walls dissapear and your see that your are in a giant terrarium-like room. Outside the glass you see the witch with a malicous smile on her face and you see her moving her lips and hands. It appears that your room is soundproof because you can't hear a thing.

As you try to get out of your room you feel yourself slowly growing. You just step out of the door as you fall onto all four and see that your backside is lengthing immensely. You notice that your legs are starting to become a tail. "Alright I will look for the gem." You yell to the witch.

"Good now as you can see your legs are becoming a tail from the top up allowing you to still look for the gem."

"Ok but can you help me up?"

The witch helps you up and you continue into the dungeon.

Written by Tamisin

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