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Nice Accomidations!!!

You begin to feel sleepy and head back up to the witch. "Sorry but I'm too tired to look for the gem right now."

"That is ok let me show you to your room," Says the witch. As you are walking the witch and you talk about what your favorite mythical creatures are.

"Well I love sea dragons!" you say. You are too tired to notice the gleam that comes to her eyes.

"Really?" says the witch, "hold on one second as I check to make your room is ready." She comes back a minute later and shows you to your room. You gasp in surprise as you see what looks like a suite in your eyes. The room is fifty feet long and twenty-five feet wide and the ceilings are about two stories up. "I hope you like it," says the witch smiling wickedly.

You miss the smile and thanks her. "Wow she is really nice. I can't believe she would turn me into a tiny person though. It probaly was a misunderstanding." You look at the bathroom and see that it is covered by sea dragon paintings. Quickly you take a quick look back into your room and see that it too is covered by sea dragon paintings. AS you take off your shoes and socks you see that your skin is flaking off on your feet. You assume that it is dead from all that happened today. As you try to go to sleep you feel an intense pain from your feet. Connecting it to the skin you try to fall asleep. Five minutes later you are out cold.

In the morning you wake up in the morning you notice that your feet are looking blue. A quick inspection reveals that your feet are covered by scales!!! Leaving your feet bare you hurry to the spot where you met the witch and see her standing there almost as if she is expecting you.

"What did you do to me!?!?!" you cry.

"Why you disobeyed me by going to sleep instead of looking for the gem."

"Why didn't you stop me?"

"I said you are free to disobey me."

"What are you turning me into though."

"You will know when you are done transforming."

You decide to........

Written by Tamisin

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