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Izzy's grudge

"You're not STILL mad at me, are you?"

"Mad at you?? After you tricked me, stole my body in order to use me as a decoy to save myself, got instantly transported when your plan backfired and left me thinking my body was destroyed, leaving me trapped in your alien body forever with no hope of becoming human again?* No, why should I be mad?" retorts Izzy with sarcasm.

"Can't you leave that in the past? Or the future, or whenever?" asks Destrii "By the way, how long were you in my body?"

"About 2 weeks. But it seemed like 2 years!"


You decide to chip in, changing the subject. "Destrii, we got captured by fish-like guards. Do you know anything about them?"

"No, they're nothing to do with me. Are any of them good looking?" she asks hopefully.

(*See Doctor Who Magazine 300-326)

Written by I don't think this writer's name is John Smith, do you?

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