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Arrival of the Whovians

You all hear a wheezing, groaning noise and a portaloo appears. A geeky-looking teenager wearing a long scarf comes out of it. "I'm sorry to interrupt this story, but there are some points I want to correct. Firstly, Izzy's surname is really Sinclair. Secondly, her hair is brown, not black. An easy mistake to make, as for most of her time in color she was trapped in Destrii's body here." (Destrii sighs) "And Destrii stole Izzy's body to save HERSELF. She was on the run and took Izzy's body to turn her into a decoy. You can get back to the story now. Thank you for your time." He goes back inside the portaloo which dissapears.

Written by an anonymous author (edited by wanderer)

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