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Suddenly the walls give way and gallons of water flood the cell...

Next thing you know, you are both lying on the bank, alive and well. "What happened?" asks Izzy.

"Someone must have saved us", you reply as you both get up. "And I think we're about to find out who."

You both turn to see a strange anthro-fish girl with dreadlocks climb out of the moat.

"DESTRII!!" cries Izzy.

"You know this creature?" you ask.

"Only too well!"

"Isn't this the time when you dweebs are supposed to thank me?", gurgles Destrii testily. "I did get you out of that damp and horrible prison!"

"It's because of you that I once faced a life sentence in the dampest and most horrible prison in the universe - with no hope of release!"

"Where was that?" you ask

"We're looking at her!"

Written by John Smith (edited by wanderer)

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