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Thrump's Domain 3

You tried to get out of the pocket but you could only look over to see Thrump lave footprints the size of houses and crush almost on every step people who fled from his wrath. Thrump saw a castle in the distance and used the growth spell to make the castle fit for him. As he walked his feet crushed the castles inhabitants who tried to escape. He sat down on the large throne and placed you and troggie in a large bird cage hanging above it. He prodded the cage and roared with laughter. He sat here for about fifteen minutes until he got up and left. "We need to escape" you said, "We can't, it's no use" replied Troggie. "Everytime we try he ets us he is too powerful and large." You sat there in the cage and about thrity minutes loud thumps returned to the room. This time Thrump returned with two more giant Trolls. "Guard these two," Thrump said. The other trolls grunted. "This is it, we can get away from these guys." you said, "It is risky but if we shrink again we can escape with out being seen." Troggie answered "But then they will be super giants and one step would kill us." "I said it was risky" you reply.

Written by qwerty

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