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Thrump sat up and stared at Troggie who had rolled the ring off the bed and was standing on the edge of the bed. He roared "What are you doing?" He got out of bed with you still stuck to his sole and walked round to the end of it where Troggie was. "Where's your friend?" He snarled "I'm going to lock you up and when I find the human I will kill him." He took Troggie and placed him on the desk then put the glass bottle over him to trap him. "I'll keep guard" Thrump said. He sat on the chair next to the desk and put his feet up on the desk. You where facing away from Troggie so you could not see him but still you tired to escape with out letting Thrump know you wehre there. Finally you slid down his foot and landed onto the desk. You tried to help Troggie free but it failed "The ring" Troggie said. So you ran acroos the room and went to fetch the rng which was resting under the bed by the huge pair of sandals. You muttered the grwoth spell but as you did so Thrump go up and moved across the room The spell hit him and to your horror Thrump grew even more. He grew so big his little toe were no the size of his bed. He stood there for a minute as he was shocked mean while you used the ring's power to grow your self to normal size, this was alot better as a super-giant Thrump's toe when you were shrunk was the size of a tower block to you. So you snuck by and grew Troggie back to normal size, then placed the ring around your finger. Thrump roared with laughter. It sounded like thunder. He looked down at you now both of you were the size of his big toe. "Now I can rule supreme!" He stepped on you both and pain erupted over you and Troggie. "Now I will show you true power no spell can harm me not at this size no even the magic ring!". He lifted his foot and scooped you up placing you in his pocket the size of a car.

Written by qwerty

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