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You used the shrink spell now smaller than normal size as you were so light you floated down, you then used the growth spel to grow back to normal size so that the trolls did not seem so big that one little nudge with their toes would kill you. Now the size of a little toe you could sneak by with little risk to you life. You snuck round the throne and stopped by the troll's ankle. You both creeped round and when you reached the front of his foot he shuffled catching Troggie under his foot. Troggie's top half of his bodie was sticking out you tired to tug him free but it was too difficult. Then the other troll realised you were gone and said "Scan the floor for them". The troll lifted his foot and Troggie was stuck to it and aken away. The other troll's hand was near by and hit you as it ubbed the floor for you and Troggie. "Here!" siad the troll by your foot. the other troll lifted his foot and peeled off Troggie and put him back in his cage. "Where is the other one?" The other Troll stomped back to his oringinal postion which was where you were. His foot came down hard on you and you were wedged between his putrid toes. The smell was soo bad, it wafted over and now and then he wriggled his toes to engulf you in more stench. In the end you fainted. Trapped between the sweaty toes which were about you size so you were disguised well. Meanwhile Troggie thought you had been crushed and had lost all hope of escaping. Then Thrump returned.

Written by qwerty

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