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The third floor

Troggie takes you to the thirf floor and stand outside a door with a red dragon on obviously guarding it. The troll which had come into Troggie's room was walking towards you both. "Quick hide!" Troogie whispered. You quickly slide down his body and leg to nce again take place inside his slipper now hot and sweaty due to Troggies feet being in there. You can hear the troll say "Troggie I am to guard with you". You know that you should not get out but with Troggie's feet inside the slipper with you, you had to escape from this stinky place so you crawled out with little ease to the back of the slipper and Troggies heel. The other troll was looking down at the time and saw you struggle out of the slipper imediately he darted to the foot of Troggies which Troggie suddenly moved out of reach from the troll much larger than him, as he moved his slipper away so fast you fell off onto the floor. The troll grabbed you and looked at Troggie. "You know anything about his?" He asked. No, must have escaped" replied Troggie. As you mouthed help me to him. "He crawled from your slipper" The troll asked. "Must have been hiding," said Troggie nervously. This excuse seemed to be beleived by the troll who shoved you in his pocket. You managed to climb out without the massive troll noticing and slid down his leg but sadly as you hit the floor he replaced his feet crushing you under his toes, which unlike Troggie's were the same size as you. The troll noticed the uncomfortable thing beneath his toes which wriggled and squirmed. He said "You escaped again it seems you can stay underneath my feet so that you do not get away". this time he shuffled his foot slightly more forward so that you face was no completely covered under his foot. The smell, ten times as bad as Troggie's feet, was too much you could only just manage to not pass out. Your eyes watering you pushed into the top of his toes to escape, this was difficult as they were so sweaty your hands just slipped off. He laughed "you will not escpae like that" he said as he roared with laughter. You still struggled and kicked. Troggie looked down looking sad and scared.

Written by JHL

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