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more disasters

You slid of the giant feet and try to rub of the sweat but fail. So you walk to the edge and see a large drop to the floor, so you climb down the covers. As you land you hear heavy footsteps coming towards the room and the door slams open. A large trool bigger even than troggie stands in the doorway, you could tell that he is not friendly like troggie. He walked towards the bed making shudders on the floor as he stepped. He almost squashed you placing his foot on a metre(for you) in front of your postion. His feet were a dirty green and smelt worse than troggies(if possible) even not being under them. He took another step and you gasp loudly, so he looks down you quikcly dart into the slipper out of sight. He nudged troggie and says "its time for you to come and guard on the third floor". Troggie gets out of bed and the other troll leaves creatin shudders as he did before with every step. Troggie stranched as you thought don't were the slipper not the slippers. Unfortunately troggie put on his slippers. He toes rushed in and pushed you right to the front of the slipper. You sat wedged inbetween his big toe and the other toes. The smell was unbearable, though you mananged to keep your conciousness unlike last time. The slipper lifted up, you screamed as loudly as you could but Troggi could not hear. Until about two mintues into the journey to the third florr Troggie felt smething like a stone or pebble in his left slipper. He took it of and found you gasping for air as you sat in the palm of his hand. "You're back." he gasped. "I never left". You reply as he carries you of to the third floor.

Written by JHL

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