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You struggle for ages until you get tired whilst the troll laughs at you failing and even pushed his putrid foot into your face to see you gag with the smell. Once again you got yourslef under a foot which wreaked, this time it was larger and even more smellier. Now and again the troll twitched his toes which hit you and showered you in a rancid stench. After about an hour he said "Right, thats my shift done," he proceded to stroll down the corridor, obviously forgetting you were still under his foot. You were clinging onto his toe until you let go about half way down the corridor. Troggie followed soon after you yelled up at him but he did not notice due to the fact he almost trod on you with his fluffy slippers. You continued down the corridor. Then down the stairs. You saw a couple of trolls walk down the second floor corridor it was no easy thing to sprint around all the feet without beng squashed of seen. Then when you were about a two minutes walk from troggie's room a series of large thuds came towards you ran as fast as you can around the corner to Troggie's room but got caught in a piece of massive chewing gum, you looked behnd to see a massive orgre turn round the corner, ogres where a lot bigger than trolls even the one which had recently captured you, and he was heading right for you!

Written by JHL

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