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Curiousity moored the dragon

You start searching the castle grounds for Drake, and find he has been very busy since you've been out. It seems he has started trying his hand at making things; you find motor parts, circuitry, all assembled in various ways. Most of the things you find obviously would not work, such as a wagon attached to a small fan that's supposed to propel it, but some of it looks well thought out, though you can't seem to figure out what they are supposed to do.

Suddenly, you hear a groan from behind the door to the dungeons, or what was left of them when Drake converted it for his collection. You open the door and walk in. There are no torches on, so you start looking for one of the flashlights that Drake found in the city. Though you feel comfortable in the darkness, you find that Dragon vision adapts to it about as well as human sight does, meaning you are temporarily blind. Suddenly you trip, as you tread on one of Drake's beanbags and go sprawling across the floor. You hear a long groan. "Drake?" you say. A muffled voice replies, "Here." You search around a bit and finally find a pile of flashlights. You turn them on, lighting a large portion of the dungeon, and gasp.

Looking at the 'bean bag' that tripped you, you find that it was Drake's tail, only much rounder, and much larger. What really "gets you" is what it is attached to. At first glance, you would have assumed that a whale had somehow gotten into the castle... but then you see the line of fur that goes along its back, identical to your own. Drake has grown maybe four times his size, and perhaps more. He is lying with his back to you, and his is more like a mountain as it rises upward to almost touch the ceiling. You walk around the bloated figure of your friend, carrying the flashlight. His legs are... almost nothing, smothered by the fat that encases them, the only evidence of their presence the rings that bulge out from the sides, and the taloned foot. His belly extends far across the floor; you reach out to touch it, and find it much like a water balloon, tough, warm, and firm from the weight it contains. As you continue around the vast globe, you finally come to Drake's forelegs, which are in little better shape than the hind ones, as large bloated paws reach out, trying to scrape past the enourmous chest that blocks their way. You finally see what you were looking for; Drake's face. It seems that Drake has successfully lost his neck, which has been replaced by a dozen rings of flab and chins. His face has ballooned out, much like yours did, but to the point of looking painful, as the beachball-like cheeks stretch the skin of the mouth as well as smother it, making it very hard to open. Drake's eyes look pitifully small, almost buried in the face. As you look around, you see several empty tanks of Uber Mass lying around. "Drake...", you say, almost at a loss for words, "What did you do to yourself?"

The immense figure tries to shift its weight, but quickly fails. "I wash churious," he says, voice hindered by the layers of fat around his muzzle, "Zhen, I coudn't get out thuh door... zhen, all I had to eat was zhat shtuff." You shake your head... Drake, driven by curiosity, had tried to mimic your condition to see what it felt like, but had done it in a size-restricting spot. After that, the only thing he had to sustain him was more Uber Mass, and the rest was history. Drake's bulging side wobbles, as he tries to reach for one of the last tanks of Uber Mass, "So... hung'y", he says. You almost laugh at the irony; too fat to eat, what a concept...

Written by Jack (edited by wanderer)

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