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Shaping up and shipping out.

Over the course of the next few weeks, you begin giving Drake the diet pills you used to slim down. Luckily, Drake had overstocked you with enough to last two lifetimes. You also supply Drake with the food of a proper dragon diet, which consists mostly of cattle. While this is going on, you come to a firm decision about your future. You've decided to return to your world without Drake. From your experiences here, you've determined it is as unhealthy for you to stay here and interfere with Drake's life style, as it is for him to mess around with things from your world. While Drake is trapped in the dungeon, you begin collecting the things that Drake has lying all over the place, and burning them. As Drake's condition improves, you try to figure out a way to break the news to him. Finally, you decide it would be a good idea for you to just disappear, along with the doorway to your world. One night, you stock the dungeon with fresh food and pills while Drake is asleep, and leave a note reading: "Drake, my presence here almost killed you, so I am leaving and destroying the portal. Please don't try to follow me... it is best this way."

As you head across the plain to the portal back to your world, you look back at the castle, remembering the good times you had with Drake. He should be able to fit through the door in a few days, and he has what he needs to make it until then. You plant a few sticks of dynamite, the only thing that you didn't burn, and light the fuses. You quickly stick your hand into the hole, and disappear...

...into an empty street. You quickly run as far from the portal as possible, not knowing what to expect. A loud boom sounds, and a shockwave rips past you. You don't look back, instead taking flight. It is about time you left this place. This future world is no place for a dragon; you're going to find a place where you belong. You fly for hours upon end. City becomes countryside, countryside becomes beach, beach becomes ocean, and you carry on. Exhaustion pulls on you, and still you continue, until, finally, you begin to glide downward, as your eyes close, and you fall asleep...

Written by Jack (edited by wanderer)

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