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This is getting to be a habit.

After what seems to be an eternity, you finally feel yourself returning to conciousness. "Not again," you think, remembering your past experiences that you usually go through drastic changes when this happens. Bracing yourself for whatever change could have happened, you decide to open one eye, expecting anything from becoming a gargantuan blimp, to a fire-breathing gerbil. You quickly open one eye to lay your eyes and almost scream at... at... nothing?

You examine yourself; scales... same color, horns... intact, face... still draconic, weight... normal(thank the lord), tail, claws, and vital organs... all accounted for. You wonder then what had happened. You look about you and find you are still in the dining room of the castle, though the table at which you had been dining has been cleared, except for...

You look down at a large wooden bowl... a sour smell is coming from it. Looking closer, you see what could only be, very, very, VERY, old milk. You start to put two and two together. Drake must have drugged you by pouring milk into the wine, then keeping you asleep by pouring it down your throat every so often. But then, why would he do this, and for another matter, where is he now?

Written by Jack (edited by wanderer)

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