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Thinking desperately for a plan, you suddenly hear a crash as the back doors are kicked open. You catch a glimpse of men with rifles moving through the aisles. Without thinking, you crash through the front window, almost tripping as you try to clear the stone beneath it. You run on all fours, flapping your wings, panting heavily. You look behind to see the tank nozzle lower to point at you. You desperately flap harder and jump just as you hear a loud BOOOOOOM!!! The force sends you higher into the air, and you continue flapping to try to gain altitude. "Yesss!" you think.

Then, it is as if the laws of physics were saying "Yeah right" as you plummet and land flat on your face. It is one thing to have a flying 20 ft reptile; a flying 20 ft reptile with the equivalent of a luggage department hanging off him is out of the question. You quickly rise to your feet and begin running again, trying desperately to take off. Gravity laughs at your attempts. You turn a corner just as the tank fires off another round, totalling the street behind you. Panting heavily, you do the only thing you can, and run, feeling your overblown stomach bounce beneath you. You turn corners and alleyways, trying to lose the tank, but you are slowed by your weight, and the tank is able to keep up. Suddenly you look ahead of you and see...

Written by Jack (edited by wanderer)

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