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Uber Mass

You decide to fly away before anyone gets here. If there is no dragon in sight, they won't believe the man who saw you. You rise to all fours... and feel an unfamiliar swaying beneath you. You twist your head to look, and become horrified at what you see. An enormous belly hangs off of you, barely inches from the ground. You examine your front talons and find they are bloated, the sharp claws poking out of pudgy, round digits. Your arms are thick and rounded, and form rings of fat as they near the shoulders. You look to your sides and see they push your hind legs out, which are also terribly bloated, the knees looking like they would scrape the ground if they hung any lower. Your tail, too, looks shorter and bloated with fat. Your wings seem to have suffered the least, though only because they are mostly flaps of skin where no fat has settled. You look at one of the tanks, and see your distorted reflection in its surface. You turn the tank to its underside and look in the relatively mirrored surface. Your face has grown exceedingly round, your muzzle looking twice its thickness, and your cheeks dominating your face. You would have a double chin if it weren't for the length of your neck, which still looks unaturally thick and flabby. "No way the food I ate put this much on me", you think. Despite dragon appetite, you know even a big meal would not cause this drastic a gain. You suddenly spot the label on the chocolate milk. 'Uber Mass: Chocolate Flavor', you read. You see directions: "Take one glass a day, combine with rigorous exercise" As you read the nutritional information, you realize this isn't a simple drink; it is used for body building, to give that little bit of protein to build muscle and give energy. But the amount you drank, along with the deep sleep shortly following, was like eating a ton of lard! A sudden rumble breaks your attention. "No way I'm hungry now", you think, but then you realize it isn't you. You walk to the front of the store, which proves to be a difficult matter due to your new center of balance, and look out the window. You gasp as you see a tank rolling menacingly towards the store...

Written by Jack (edited by wanderer)

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