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You see a police line straight ahead of you, as well as a few more tanks. You try to stop yourself, to turn, to do anything. Instead, you trip over your immense belly, and continue forward at a rapid pace. You find yourself tumbling head over heels, your greneral roundness making you the equivalent of a giant bowling ball. Pretty soon, the police line becomes the pins.


You open your eyes. You are lying on your back a distance past the police line. You see several policemen lying unconscious amid much debris. The tank following you has unfortunately caught up and its nozzle is pointing straight at you. You look around. There are even more policemen surrounding you at every moment, all with guns aimed at you. Past them, you see even more approaching with what look to be very large nets. You are in so deep, you have no idea what to do.

Written by Jack (edited by wanderer)

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