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Not even bothering to decide, you flump yourself down on the forest floor and roll about to try and get comfortable.

Half an hour later, you discover that the long term comfort prospects of ground aren't very good. In fact, you finally give up and instead lean back against a soft patch on the bark of the tree. Supported thus, you begin to feel yourself drift off at last. Smiling in relief, your hands lazily start to rub your belly. It's almost like a default setting, somehow. You'd be a little concerned, but you're too tired to think straight. It feels comforting to rub and hold such an immense bulk: 'You'll never be alone with a Belly(TM)'. Grinning sleepily to yourself at this poor joke, you fall asleep.

Everything settles down in the clearing, except for the occasional snore from you. Oddly, there doesn't seem to be much wildlife intent on frequenting that particular clearing anyway. Very odd, in fact.

As soon as everything's settled down, you discover just how odd things are, when the bark of the tree parts around you like water, and you fall backwards into the tree! You awake with a snort to discover yourself being dragged further in by unfamiliar hands. As soon as your feet have disappeared inside, the wood resolidifies, leaving no trace of your having been there except for a slight dent on the ground.

Why do these things keep on happening to you?

Written by Lupine (edited by wanderer)

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