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Something Inevitable About This...

Oh, ha ha.

You glare at the forest in general, certain that it's sniggering at you. It engineered this somehow. If only you could prove it. You also have the feeling that you've passed this clearing at least once already. You sigh in resignation, and waddle forwards. You're really too tired to argue with Sod's Law.

The tree is in the very centre of the clearing, which is no doubt caused by its extensive roots underground. It's a huge tree, rising out above the surrounding canopy. A giant among giants. Its even wider than you are.

You give the place a thorough inspection. The bark is rough and gnarled around the base: it would be easy enough to scramble up into the branches. And up on the branches the bark looks wondefully smooth. You couldn't ask for a better arrangement, unless you wanted things like a bed, floorboards, a roof and running water.

Underneath the tree, however, the ground looks equally appealing. Slightly damp, yes, but a thick covering of moss softens it considerably.

Just looking at this entire scene makes you yawn hugely. You can't take it any more. You want to go to sleep. But do you climb up into the tree's embrace to be safe whilst you sleep, or make use of the extra floorspace and avoid the risk of falling out?

Written by Lupine (edited by wanderer)

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