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Unpleasant things happen to you- as usual!

What happens next is most definitely unpleasant, made even worse by the fact that, later, all you can remember is vague snatches, like a weird dream. This isn't helped by your half-asleep state when you were mugged by the tree.

The first flash is of being dragged down a strange corridor-like space by your legs, your view mostly obscured by your stomach. The pairs of hands around your ankles feel rough and gnarled, but you're being pulled along at a hell of a clip, and their grip is unrelenting. Someone, or something, is strong...

The next is of a warm, cream-coloured light above you, and the feeling of odd, plantlike tendrils growing over your body. They've already covered your arms and legs, and now you can't move...!

You regain muzzy consciousness with the apalling, nagging feeling that something has been done to you. The light around you has changed to a foggy green, with the odd shaft of yellow flashing by. Your body won't move from whatever surface you're lying on; it just isn't doing what you want it to. Your head seems pretty much the only thing that wants to wake up. By craning it, you can just about make out the vague impression of veined walls around you, almost like planks fused together, you'd guess. So, some kind of room. In a tree? Your heavy head flops forward onto your chest, and it's then you notice something else: Your belly's gone! After your flat chest, your body dips inward along your midsection until it reaches your hips. What's going on here...?

You wake up possibly some time later, feeling even more muzzy-headed. There are two blurry shadows standing over you, made of browns and greens. You try and focus,but are severely distracted by a continuous vibration going through your entire body. Finding that your head still works, you try and see what's causing it, only to discover that your belly is apparently regrowing as you lie there. Ballooning is probably a better word for it; it's rising slowly, bulging and bulking out where your previously flat body had been. Grief, you hadn't realised how big you'd been before all this. It swells larger and larger, seeming to tower over you, bloating the rest of your body with it. It seems to be causing the vibration. You feel your skin stretching impossibly as it settles back, invading your body. You also hear muted conversation between the two shadows, oddly accented but understandable:

"When will it be ripe?"

"Patience; very soon now. See? It's bigger already...

You feel something like a tendril crawling over your growing gut. It reaches your bellybutton and seems to slither into it and attach. Your eyes roll back in your head and you pass out again in shock...

You snap fully awake again with a small scream, and struggle desperately to move. Your body responds with alacrity, almost flinging you upright and then nearly onto your face. Shaking and sweating terribly, you begin to examine yourself. What the hell just happened to you?

Written by Lupine (edited by wanderer)

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