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geni is really pissed

you keep makeing wish's left and right not letting the geni get any rest.

you have been wishing for more and more. at first things were simple wine women fast cars money that sort of thing.

then you started wishing for weird shit and adventures of all sorts of things.

the geni is getting realy tired of you bothering him at 4 in the morning .

you summon the geni again. WHAT!!! the geni growls.

you respond whats wrong geni? WHATS WRONG !!!! WHATS WRONG!!!!

we geni's need our rest too but you want let me rest i'm tired!!!

now leave me alone!!! the geni demanded . what about my wish you ask.

stuff that wish up your ass!!! the geni gose back in the lamp with out even hearing what the wish was.

you tell the women you have of the hour geni's cant do that.

im gonna get to the bottom of this right now. the girl rolls over i dont think thats a good idea.

you look at her and say what do you know your just a dumb blond who is my sex toy for now.

the women gets angry and leaves you alone but before she dose she warns you not to piss off the geni to let him rest.

go aheada bother him make him so mad at you cause i want to see what he dose to you.

then she stroms out.

i will wish for another women. you think to your self.

you rub the lamp and geni appears and.....

Written by cd morrison

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