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uh oh

so you decide you need another hot sexy dumb blond who would do any thnig for sex.

you rub the lamp once again .

the geni poofs out in a angry red smoke comes boiling out of the lamp.


you are shocked a bit at the geni's anger. WELL WHAT DO YOU WANT??!!!! his voice thunders through the mansion.

you start to stutter i just wanted to say i'm sorry for bothering you all this time i have been wrong in bother you at such an early hour.

the geni flosts there still red smoke boiling out but was slowly turning blue.

you continue i will not bother you early angain .

the geni smiles and replys.


I CAN'T STAND A LIAR he yells at you. then to your suprise in a calm voice now tell me the truth why did you bother me this time for.

well you stumble over your words terrifed of what he could do.

well i was going to ask you for another women like before but more hungry for sex and to dumb not to get offended when i call her a sex toy. if i wanted to do so . i see and thats what happend to the other she got offened by something you said.

well yes it was you reply to the geni .

you continue to speak but after i saw you were angery with me the first time i decided to say i'm sorry . i know i have been a jerk and i'm sorry for what i done and i will do any thing to make it up to you.

i see the geni smiles.

well your gonna get the blond you want but your gonna be her and be any ones wishable sex toy for the next 10 geni monnths.

whats a geni month you ask as your body starts to change you devolpe large breast a size cup fff 46 and then you have and coke bottle fighure and a ass that could do nothing but shake for the guys not mention when you run your booby's bounce up and down cause your run to make your assat's only to apeal not only apeal but out right cry fuck me. not to metion your mental capacity was dimenishing rapidly .

before you become a compleat bimbo 10 geni months is ten thousand earth years.

just as he said that you now have the mental apttued of a fith grader and easly talked in to sex.

the geni smiles and takes you in to the lamp for your next and next sexual adventure. one after another.

the geni smiles got another one.

Written by c.d. morrison

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