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Unlimited wishes

You rub the lamp.Then a genie appears."what is your first wish Master I can give as many wishes I you want.""For starters,you look like you need a new body.I wish you were Shenron and that I could summon you the same way but with the same number of wishes as you are giving me now.Your lamp also turns into a 12 star dragon ball and you look the same as the Shenron of earth.""Ok one Shenron comming up."In a flash of light you see Shenron in front of you."What is your next wish""I wish That I was a Treemanderkarp Male and that I had a new name Mitchel Gallett and that I had Denise Toomy as my girl.Denise Is also a Pluse and a Minun.""You wish has been granted."Next to you appears a girl that looks exactly like you,but she is female.Then in a flash you are a Treemanderkarp and your soulmate Denise is a Plusle and a Minun.Both of you look just as you thought Shenron even got all of your details just right he must be able to read your mind."Ok Shenron this is how I summon you forth only Denise and I can summon you these are the words:ANCIENT DRAGON BY YOUR NAME I SUMMON YOU FORTH.SHENRON!!!!!"Now get in the 12 star ball till I summon you again.""FINE THEN UNTIL THE NEXT SUMMONING."Shenron then disappears into the 12 star ball then you and Denise continue on your journey to be the best trio you in the middle Plusle Denise on your left and Minun Denise on your right.Together Plusle and Minun Denise use their helping hand ability strenthen you and whenever you needed help you called Shenron.Then one day...

Written by Mitchel David Gallett a.k.a Gannon

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