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A Lamp!

Suddenly, the portal draws you into it, and you are flung at a hundred miles an hour through the vortex. The sensation is amazing. Then you reach the end of the portal and are flung a few feet out of the vortex into a pile of rugs. After getting over the pain and dizzyness of the ride, you notice that you have been relocated from the castle to a small cavern filled with a sourceless light. You also notice a small, shiny object in the pile. You hold it up and find that it is a small (8 in. long) solid gold lamp. You feel as though you should take the lamp, half of you feeling that there may be a "genie" in it and the other half saying "heck no, there's no genie, let's sell it for some money when and if we get back". You are surprized to see that the portal hasn't closed up like you expected it to. After getting up your strength, you prepare to go back through the portal to get back to where you were. You grab the lamp and hold it in your arms, and jump through. After another nauseating ride, you come out back in the castle. Now for the fun ... slowly, you take the lamp and gently rub it (having a feeling of wishful thinking), and nothing happens ...

Written by Commander Bob (edited by wanderer)

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