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Big mouth as well as Big Feet!

You've had some experience at trying to endure foot tickling when Hymalaia's tail was stroking you back in her cramped den and you try your best to endure it now. Quill feathers are a lot more ticklish though, and after a while you splurt out. "I FREED A GENIE!!"

Dorka stops tickling and leaves you gasping for a moment. "A Genie?? How many wishes have you got left?" she asks, quill lightly touching your foot.

"J-just one!" you gasp.

"Right then, bigfoot!" says the witch "Summon this genie, NOW!"

You call for the genie, who reluctantly appears. "You've going to wish that my mistress, Countess Bathory was young, immortial and beautiful, got that?"

"That wish won't work, Dorka!" says the genie "That is beyond my power!"

Fuming, the witch starts tickling your humongous feet again. "Unless you want your master to die laughing, you will transfer all your magic powers to me!" she cackles "And don't try anything, I can kill him in the wink of an eye!"


Written by AR Jackson

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