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Bigfoot & Big Wolf in Big Trouble!

Wedged in the tiny den, neither you or Hymalaia can do anything. You just watch as Dorka's troll minions excavite you, tie you up and carry you off.

You are both strapped down on seperate tables in the dungeons. "There aren't any sasquatches or yeti around here." says Dorka to your face "Where did you come from?"

She studies you closely. "You weren't always a sasquatch, were you? Explain!"

"I'm not telling you anything!" you reply

"Oh, you will." smiles Dorka, stroking your foot with her nail, making you giggle "You've gotten yourself vast sensitive spots now. You aren't called 'Bigfoot' for nothing!"

She plucks a raven feather from a quill and starts stroking your foot.


Written by AndrewAnorak

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